So, it’s been a year since we got out now (as of Dec 20). It’s been a long, hard adjustment for all of us, but we’re all doing well.


1. What we’re all doing:

Mike and Seamus are in school and both doing extremely well. Seamus is in second grade and is currently enjoying thinking he is completely grown. He likes his teacher (and so do I) and is making great grades. Mike is in his 4th quarter of school and has about a year left before he’ll have his NSA degree. He is maintaining a 4.0 and I am quite proud of him. I am working full-time as a tow truck dispatcher, bookkeeper, and all-around office slave at a small business here in town. It’s quite the change from my years as a housewife, but it’s what we need to do right now to get to where we want to be in life. I miss having the time to knit and bake that I used to, but I just keep reminding myself this won’t be forever.


2. Home life:

After 8 months of living with Mike’s mother and grandmother (in two bedrooms), we are in a place of our own- a small townhouse that allowed us to keep Seamus in the same school district and is situated between Mike’s school and my work. Our original plan was for us to stay with Mike’s mother and grandmother until he graduated, but the situation there deteriorated and we had to make a change (and quickly). This isn’t what we planned and it is’t what we intended, but it has worked out for the best. We are all less stressed and generally happier (if perpetually broke!).


I can cook what I want to again, without having to worry about what this person doesn’t like ot that person can’t have, which is always nice. I sometimes feel a bit overwhelmed with suddenly having so much room after having confined our family to two small bedrooms for so long, but usually Seamus or Sophie takes a dive onto me and I get over it pretty quickly. My first night back in my king-sized bed was bliss. I love my huge, comfy furniture. 😀


We added a couch recently. We got rid of our old couch before we moved and for a while after moving here, we could not afford to replace it. When we got this couch, I didn’t realize how huge it was (big furniture store, high ceilings, poor vision, what can I say?), but, honestly, it’s great. It eats up over half the living room, but it’s great. Super-comfy and just the type of couch you want to curl up and stay on forever.


3. Home news:

Shortly after we moved out, we lost Mike’s grandmother. She was 93. We enjoyed spending the last few months of her life with her and we all learned a lot of things from and about her. She is dearly missed. I had known Wammaw since I was 16, so she was part of my life for 15 years. Losing her was like losing my own grandmother all over again.

4. What’s to come:

As I mentioned before, Mike has about a year of school left, so we will be here in Mobile for another year or so. So, until he graduates, I suppose we’ll just keep doing what we’re doing.

My New Year’s Resolution (of sorts) is to start blogging again. I like sharing my recipes (when people don’t take advantage of my hard work) and, while I cannot produce things at the same rate I used to, I still enjoy the creative process. Part of the creative process for me is sharing my work.

So, expect a cake post in the next few days.


A cake like this.