A few weeks ago, I wrote about how much every one loves rainbows on Pintrest. People still love rainbows, but they also love doing crafts with their kids. Now, I consider myself a pretty good homemaker…well, except for the cleaning bit.

Only I'm lying about the "sorry" part.

I’m also not great at the “planning activities” bit. I can help my son do stuff, I have no problem with him helping me with stuff, but I really suck at planning and carrying out activities. I constantly see all these great activity ideas on Pintrest and feel a twinge of guilt, thinking I should be doing them with Seamus. However, every time I plan some meaningful activity that both of us will look back upon fondly years from now, someone ends up screaming and/or in tears. I don’t possess the patience to do it…so I generally just don’t do them*.

Pintrest guilt got to me. Sooooo many cute, memory-inducing activities. So, today, we made caramel apples. Nothing fancy, just apples, sticks, and some caramels melted in a pot. The caramels were by Kraft. They were mass-produced. They were bought at the store. We keep it real. By the end of this seemingly easy activity, we both ended up screaming and I’m pretty sure I cried. It. was. awful.

A couple of hours and a couple of caramel apples later, though, all was forgotten.

Apparently, they smelled good:

Yay apples!

I’m never doing this again.

* Now, I’m not saying we don’t do things together, I’m just saying we don’t do planned arts and crafts very well.