For as long as I can remember my mother kept key lime juice around the house. She used it for all kinds of things (seriously, this stuff is great). You can use it for marinades or salad dressing or…well, in a key lime pie. (here is their website)

When I was a teenager- I know it was when I was over 16, because Mike witnessed this- my dad and brother asked me to try some straight out of the bottle. Now, when you look at this stuff, with it’s cloudy pale yellow coloring, you think it’s going to be sweet. I mean, it looks like sweetened condensed milk. Well, let me assure you, it’s NOT sweet. It’s like getting punched in the face with a brass-knuckled lime. It’s SOUR. And BITTER. and I will never forget that taste as long as I live.

Earlier this month, I bought a bottle to make a key lime pie for the husband’s birthday. My child, who loves all things citrus and sour (and has been known to drink straight from a bottle of lemon juice), has been begging to try it. I’ve even caught him smelling the bottle a few times. I’ve told him no. I’ve told him he wouldn’t like it. He would not be deterred. It was like I was trying to convince him that he didn’t want chocolate cake. It was not going to happen. Fed up with hearing about it, I gave in to him today.

I also have photodocumentation of the event.

Please note he GOES. BACK. FOR. MORE.