I knit this sweater in 2 days.

Seriously. I am an English-style knitter, which means I am slow, slow, slow and I still managed to crank out this 0-3 month sweater in 2 days. The pattern is part of The Kumfy Schlutti Collection (does anyone know how to pronounce “Schlutti”? It looks like “Sh-lutty” to me) and the yarn is “Out to Pasture” by Three Irish Girls (available exclusively at my dear friend Jenn’s yarn shop, Pulling at Strings. Go. Shop. Tell her Shanna sent you. She won’t give you a discount or anything for that, but hey, tell her anyway- it make me look like an awesome friend.)

Speaking of friends, this little bit of coziness is one of my oldest and dearest friends, Vivianne, who is expecting her first baby (a boy) next month. Congrats Viv! 🙂

Stitched in Color