One of the husband’s favorite things in the world is Jack Daniels Whiskey Pralines. I haven’t had much luck ordering them online- by the time they get here they’re stale or all broken up or both (not to mention, they’re stupid-expensive). Since he is having The Big Snip today, I decided to try my hand at making him some to eat while he recovers on the couch.

They turned out great and they’re really delicious.

Shanna’s Whiskey Pralines

Combine brown sugar and buttermilk in large saucepan and cook over medium-high heat, stirring constantly until the sugar is completely dissolved. Reduce the heat to medium-low and add the candy thermometer (ensure the thermometer is not touching the bottom of your pot or you won’t get a proper reading). Continue cooking and stirring constantly until the temperature reaches 234 degrees (soft ball stage).

Remove from heat, add butter, BUT DO NOT STIR. Just set the butter on top and let it melt. Let the mixture (with the butter still NOT stirred in) cool to 150 degrees (takes about 15 minutes).

Stir in pecans and whiskey  and beat until the candy begins to thicken, but is still slightly shiny (about 3-4 minutes). Using a large spoon, drop into heaps onto parchment paper (not wax paper, not tin foil, PARCHMENT) and let cool completely at room temperature.

  1. You can use another variety of whiskey (or leave it out altogether) if you would like. I happen to like the honey variety because it’s sweeter.
  2. I didn’t have quite enough buttermilk, so I substituted half the buttermilk with evaporated milk.
  3. Do not let your husband measure out the whiskey for you. He will encourage you to start doing shots and you will get drunk. This is strong stuff.