I think I'm in some kind of "simplify your life" zone because in the past few months, I've sold off unused/unwanted things, gone back to a basic cell phone, and just generally de-cluttered our lives.

My latest move was to sell my big spinning wheel, a Kromski Sonata.

Now, I loved this wheel. It was beautiful…quiet…and huge. One of the first problems I had with it was the size. I liked the way it spun, I loved the looks, but it always seemsed to be in the way. I've always wished it was just a bit smaller. So, this past week, I sold it.

And bought this:


A Hitchhiker. It's so small, that it fits in that totebag pictured behind it (which is about the size of one of those large Lands End tote bags). It took me a bit to get it going (different type of spinning wheel than my old one- completely different setup than what I was used to), but now that I've sat down and done some proper spinning on it, I LOVE it.


This is exactly what I wanted in a wheel. Compact, portable, and it just feels right- I may have finally found my spinning soulmate. I'm so glad I made the switch.