I would hazard a guess that I use my hands a lot more than the average bear. I knit, I spin, I draw, I game, and, on top of all that, I know sign language (although, I don't use that very often anymore). About a month ago, I started having pains in my left hand. I kept knitting through it because I wanted to finish this:

The pattern is Sugared Violets and it was knit with Sanguine Gryphon "Little Traveller" in "Gaudi House". I picked the yarn up at Maryland Sheep and Wool last month and it is delicious!

Anyway, after pressing through and finishing my knitting, my hand ached. I finally sucked it up and went to the doctor after I was carrying the groceries in from the car and my hand gave out. I got diagnosed with tendinitis in my hand and got meds and orders not to knit (or anything else of the like) for two weeks.

Let me tell you: telling someone who works with their hands not to use them is something tantamout to waterboarding. I tried to learn a new craft (and re-learn old ones) to pass the time.

I taught myself to cross stitch. It's…OK.

That wasn't cutting it, so I decided to pick crochet back up. I made washcloths.

Then I remembered that I quit crocheting for a reason, so that wasn't doing it either.

Instead, I cooked. I cooked and then I ate what I cooked, so I probably gained 10 lbs. Tendinitis leads to weight gain.