As with all things, I have my preferences with knitting tools. I believe that beautiful tools yield beautiful results. I buy pretty (quality) yarn, I buy nice needles, I have a nice knitting bag, and I buy nice sttch markers. Now, I have a few different kinds, all of which I *like*, but I have one set I particularly *LOVE*.


My stitch markers from my dear friend Sue at Pink Lemonade. I recieved one set after Seamus threw away all my stitch markers, then bought more, then bought some more after the TSA knocked some out of my bag while searching it, and now I just ordered some more. I have 14 and I just ordered 10 more. Why?


Because I'm in the midst of knitting a Clapotis, a pattern that calls for 18 stitch markers (also, speaking of nice things to work with, that is Huckleberry Knits' silk and wool yarn in my favorite colorway ever, "Moonlight"). And because my virgo husband (read: anal) has rubbed off on me, me and my Clap are at an impasse. I've used all of my favorite stitch markers and now I cannot go further. I thought about using non-matching stitch markers, but I just can't do it. One of my friends suggested evenly spacing non-matching markers between the others, but I can't make myself do that, either. So, now my Clap has been put aside until I can get more stitch markers. Seriously. I can knit no further until I get more markers. Damn you, Mike.