I have a whole family full of odd names. None of our names are entirely unheard of, they're just not very popular. Mikhail, Shanna, Seamus. However, they all came out of reading material. Read on to find out where.

Mike was named after a bodice-ripping romance novel called "Seized by Love" by Susan Johnson. Now, I haven't read this book yet, (however, if you would like to read it, Google books has a free preview of the book) but Prince Mikhail seems to be the older brother of flighty Prince Nikolai, who is dared by a friend to seduce a woman blahblahblah. The bits I read that featured Prince Mikhail had him yelling at people and banging his fist on the table. That doesn't really fit my Mike. My Mike is more the "when the going gets tough, the tough go take a nap" kind of guy.

The cover art of this book irritates the devil out of me. If you look at the girl, she appears to be about 4 feet tall with a DD chest and 50" hips. Her right boob also seems to have been absorbed by her armpit. While I'm at it, could he look less interested in the chick on top of him? His face looks downright annoyed. Unless that's supposed to be Prince Mikhail. In which case, this totally fits Mike, who doesn't care for gingers.

Now, I was named after the book "Shanna" by Katherine Woodwiss. I've been trying to read this book for the past week and it is so not happening. I hate the character. Shanna is a spoiled, selfish brat, who can't do anything for herself. I'd like to hit her. I'd like to believe I'm not a selfish, spoiled brat, but I know I'm fairly self-sufficient. She's just the kind of woman I hate.

The cover art of this book isn't TOO bad, but I have no clue what is going on with her hands-especially her left arm. They look downright skeletal. Maybe I haven't reached the part of the book where she gets some terrible degenerative hand disease.

Way back when I was pregnant in 2004/2005, I was incredibly sick. I threw up my entire pregnancy and only ended up gaining a whopping 10 lbs at the very end…thanks to blood pressure and swelling. I basically spent 9 months making trips to go hug the toilet (and people wonder why I hesitate to do it all over again, lol). Anyway, while I was pregnant, I read a lot of webcomics. They're (generally) free, they're fun, and you can read them between the 20 trips you make to the bathroom to barf every day. Before I even knew what I was having, I read this strip of Queen of Wands (no longer in production) and fell in love with the name Seamus (it also didn't hurt that the character of Seamus was a med student 😉 ).

What were you named after?