My child is not a sports kid. We've tried a few different group sports now and as much as he proclaims to want to do it, he fizzles out after a few weeks.
When he played soccer, it was fine, but not great. He enjoyed the first couple of games, he would rather sit on the side of the field and pick bugs out of the grass. In fact, during his last game, he stopped and picked a clover blossom in the middle of running down the field, chasing the ball.
When he did karate, it was slightly better, but not much. He stuck with it a bit longer than soccer, but really, he didn't enjoy it all that much. By the end, I had to drag him to classes kicking and screaming. Plus, it was expensive.
So, where do I go for my non-athletic math-loving kid? I know there are math clubs and such for older kids, but where do the younger nerds go? I'm open to any and all suggestions. I have a kid who needs to be forced out in the world at least a little bit (he'll happily sit at home forever) and I'm out of ideas. Help!