My husband is a man of simple desires. He like video games, nice linens (totally not kidding), and cool gadgets. You would think that the simpler a person's likes are, the easier they would be to shop for, but it's quite the opposite. 99% of the time, he gets a game that he picked out.

However, this Valentine's day I may have just found a perfect gift that I can keep a surprise. 😀 My friends over at Red Envelope have recently expanded their selection of cool gifts for men. When I started persuing their great new selection of men's gifts, I came across this baby:

A gadget charger for the car! The power source is shaped like a travel coffee cup and it features 2 outlets and a USB plug to keep all your junk nice and powered up. Hello, man gift! 😀

And, because I love you all so very much, I got discount codes for you to buy gifts for a favorite guy in your life!

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