I haven't blogged in almost 2 months. Not because nothing has happened, but because so much has happened that I needed time to acclimate myself to the idea.

Shortly before our orders to Italy got cancelled, Mike was hospitalized with suspected heart problems (I strongly suspect this is part of the reason we didn't get to go) after passing out during PT. A few appointments later, Mike is fine and his heart is fine, but now we're "undesirable" to the military. 10 years, 3 duty stations, 2 deployments, and you don't want us anymore? Well, screw you, too. At first, I cried. I couldn't fathom the idea of turning our lives upside down. I couldn't handle it. After all, our plan was to stay in the military until Mike retired and then go from there. I haven't really worked (save for 2 horrible weeks at AirTran) since we got married. To just change everything halfway through was. not. the. plan.

Then I remembered…


My Mom and Dad.




My GMIL (Grandmother-in-law).


And my BFF (bonus 8th grade blast from the past).

And I remembered how much I miss them. I've spent the past 10 years doing what the Army told us to do, barely seeing my friends and family. Then I started liking the idea. For nearly 10 years, it has been just me and Mike. No one else to lean on, no one else to depend on. Just us. When Seamus came along, we've spent 5 years scheduling our lives around his. We've never used babysitters or outside care. It has always been just us. And it's exhausting.

So, if everything goes as planned (and, frankly, if the Army came back and said, "Just kidding! We changed our minds!", I'd probably be heartbroken), in a few months, we'll be moving back home to Alabama. The tentative plane is to live with my MIL and GMIL while Mike (and possibly I, but that's for another blog post, when I'm feeling like doing a bit of soul-searching) goes back to school. We'll be living hand-to-mouth for a couple of years, but we'll be working towards a bigger, better goal, and I like where this is headed.

So, 2011, bring it. We're ready.