I make an effort to be greener by not printing things. I find it to be a huge waste of paper. Because, let's say you print a knitting pattern. You highlight the instructions you need, make whatever, and inevitably, by the end, your papers are in tatters and have to be tossed. I generally read my patterns on my laptop as I go, but that's not terribly convenient for travel. So, when I'm going somewhere and taking my knitting along, I have to write out the instructions I'm on or just print the page (or 2) I'm on. Which, generally means, I end up not taking my knitting, because that is a lot of effort and I'm pretty much always late.

Enter: my newest toy: The Nook.



After weighing the different e-readers out there, I ended up deciding on the Nook because it can read PDF files. Most of my knitting patterns are in PDF format, so that is perfect for me. The Kindle can also handle PDFs, but it requires some hacking on the users part and, oh look, there's that effort delimma again. With my Nook, I simply plug it into my laptop, drag the file to my Nook, and go about my business. It's the size of a hardback journal with the cover on it.



And, bonus, when I bought it, I got 50% off a cover, so I got to get a super-cute Lilly Pulitzer cover. 😀 It says "Please Judge My Nook By It's Cover" on the inside. Loooove. The outside is pale gold snakeskin (fake, obviously).

And, because I'm still on Project: KNIT ALL THE SWEATERS, I needed labels for my projects. While I can simply do a cursory glance for indicators of which side is which, I realized my mom (whom I am making a sweter for) is not a knitter and would have no clue what to look for. Enter RememberWynn on Etsy. She is super-fast and her prices are very reasonable. The tags are faux suede and are branded with my words. Love them. Very, very pleased. The two out of the box are the examples she made for me to approve. The big one is 2×2 and the small ones are 1×2. I originally wanted the bigger ones, but after seeing the smaller ones and how the lettering looked, I HAD to have them.


After I got them, I was so impressed that I ordered some bamboo hangtags to give with stuff I knit. I can't wait to get them, too. 😀

My KNIT ALL THE SWEATERS phase has lost some steam, mostly thanks to Fable 3. Mike kept telling me to give it a chance after he got it, so I did and I enjoyed it very much. I ended up beating it yesterday, in fact (sad). Then, I went back to my abandoned Fable 2 file and finished it up (major disappointment). Now I have nothing to play. 😦 Maybe I'll go back through and play as evil.