Come to The Dark Side, we have bacon.

My child gets a happy meal (or some other fast food incarnation of such) about once or twice a month (barring unusual circumstances like travel). Frankly, we just don't eat fast food that much because it's not economical- for all 3 of us to get food and drinks is $15 or so and I can cook an entire meal for that much…WITH leftovers. So, fast food is a rare-ish treat. And, honestly, I have zero problem with fast food in moderation.

As of late, there have been a rash of news stories about the government and food. Food bans, junk food taxes, and now bans on toys with meal purchases. On Nov. 3rd, San Francisco banned restaurants from doling out toys with meals that do not meet their standards of nutrition. Nicknamed "The Happy Meal Ban", it's what San Francisco lawmakers have decided is best for their citizens.

Well, thank goodness the goverment is here to save us from ourselves. Huzzah!

Wait a second. When did The Powers That Be get to start making my food choices? Shouldn't *I* be the one deciding what I eat? Shouldn't *I* be the one who gets to decide what my kid eats? After all, I birthed him. I pay for him. I am pretty much fully responsible for him. I mean, generally, we eat fairly balanced and healthy. I do make richer foods sometimes, but that's not the type of thing we eat every single day. And, if I were to hazard a guess, I'd say we're on par with a good percentage of families out there that don't have restrictions like food allergies or dietary concerns.

Honestly, banning is never a good answer. If you ban fast food for these kids now, they're never going to learn about moderation. So, as soon as these kids get out and on their own, making their own food choices, they're going to make poor ones, which is just going to make more obese adults.

I am 29, I pay taxes, I pay my bills, I'm personally responsible, and I don't break any laws. Who the hell are you to tell me I can't give my kid a Happy Meal? Keep your laws off my (and my family's) body.