We're not moving to Italy.

We're not moving to Italy.

We're not moving to Italy.

I am so damn relieved by this, I don't think words can express it. From the beginning, I had a looming sense of dread. I also had a feeling that it was a huge mistake and I just couldn't shake it. So, now, between military politics (read: BS) and arguing who is paying for what (read: more BS), our orders got cancelled. And I'm thrilled. For now, we're staying here, which suits me fine. I like it here. I have friends, a house I'm happy with, and Seamus is in a school I'm relatively happy with.

I'm still in KNIT ALL THE SWEATERS mode. I finished my owl sweater and I love it. This is Dream in Color's "Ruby River".





Now I'm working on an owl sweater for my mom from Dream in Color "Deep Seaflower". She saw mine and decided she needed one, too.


And after I finish that, I'm planning on making this:

I think I need an intervention or something.