Last week, we re-enrolled Seamus in school.

It was a hard decision. But for weeks, I've been suffering from anxiety problems. On Monday, after wrestling with the decison for weeks, I finally went to the doctor and got help (in the form of prescriptons that actually make me feel like myself again). On Tuesday, we found out that our orders to Italy had been pushed back. After talking things over with Mike, we decided that for my sanity and Seamus' educationl benefit, to re-enroll him in school. When we originally got news of moving to Italy, the plan had been to enroll him in school until we moved. Plans changed and we began homeschooling from the start. I guess we did things backwards.

His first few days were rough, but now he's settling in and enjoying it. I feel guilty admitting that it was overwhelming me, but honestly, I feel like having him in school is allowing me to be a better mom.



I picked up that flannel hoodie at The Children's Place for $5 for him to wear to school. He picked to wear it to school the first day. When he put it on, he looked so much like Mike from high school. In high school, Mike's daily "uniform" was jeans, a t-shirt, and a flannel shirt. Kurt Cobain, eat your heart out. That's Mike in the red flannel on the right. God, they look so much alike. Seamus is the blonde, blue-eyed version of Mike. I love them both. ❤

Picnik collage

So, yeah, it all changed. And I'm relieved.