Over the past few years, I've gifted a lot of people my knitting and crocheting.





(and this isn't all of them)

Knitting a gift is pretty involved. You choose the perfect pattern, you choose the perfect yarn for the perfect pattern, you spend your time and energy knitting each stitch of the perfect yarn into the perfect pattern, following each line of instruction, all to make a perfect, beautiful gift. Sometimes I buy the perfect yarn, sometimes I spin it myself. After all this, I wrap it up and mail it off (or give it to the person) and eagerly await photos of the person enjoying their newly acquired hand-knitted piece of love from my hands…

And. They. Never. Ever. Come.

Well, a couple of people I know do, but the vast majority do not.

So, if someone knits something for you (or sews or crochets or scrapbooks or whatever), if someone took the time to make something with their own hands, please, please show them some respect. Show them that you appreciate the time and energy that went into that gift- take a picture, wear it around them, something. They loved you enough to put the thought into it, love them enough to appreciate it.