I think I have tried every major brand of knitting needle out there. Clover (bamboo and metal), Susan Bates, Boye, Lion Brand (metal and Teflon), BrySpun, Addi (DPN, circs, Natura, Turbo, Lace Turbo, and Click), Knitpicks (wood and metal), Hiya Hiya, Signature, Brittany (wood), and Denise (and I'm sure there's more I'm forgetting). 


My needle caddy began it's life as a hand-thrown bread baker (it got chipped and was not food-safe anymore, so I repurposed it as my needle caddy). It's a testament to all the needles I've known. Some get pulled frequently, some get used only once. But each one tells a story.



The pink one? The other one is long gone, but that's one of the needles I learned to knit on. Lion Brand, Teflon, size 10. I just can't bear to part with it. Those are my fixed circulars hanging down the side. That giant turquoise one? It was a gift- someday I'll get around to learning broomstick lace on it. Those purple metal Boye's? I knit my first Calorimetry on it. The ones with the rectangle tops? They're Bryspun, I made my devil horn Calorimetry on them. The big wooden thing is my nostepinne for winding yarn. In the bottom are approximately 5 million various DPNs (double-point-needles) and buttons. The bottom of that container is where lonely buttons go to die (or go until I need them ;)). My old crochet hooks also live in there, even though I don't crochet anymore.




I don't own a lot fixed circular needles (that is, a set of needles with a long piece of flexible wire in-between for knitting (gasp) in a circle or for knitting larger things). About 2 years ago, I bought myself a set of Denise interchangeable circular needles (comes with various needles that you can build with various lengths to create what you need) when I was visiting my family and I got sick of having to drive an hour to the closest knitting store to get various needles I needed. The set has been great- I love it. A lot of circular sets don't start small enough for me in length or in needle, but I've been very pleased with my Denise set. I've used it and abused it and they've been wonderful. Recently, though, the joins on the needles have been loose. They were starting to wear out and there was nothing I could do. 


I looked into buying a new set of needles and since I know more now than I did 2 years ago when I bought my set, I did some shopping around. I tried out Addi clicks (wonderful, but expensive and very limiting as far as sizing goes). I tried out Knitpicks (briefly, I owned a set of the wooden Harmony needles they sell, but I wasn't happy with them and sold them. I tried a friend's set of the metal interchangeable needles and hated them as well.) I tried the new(ish) Hiya Hiyas and they still didn't feel right. In the end, what did I buy?


The same damn thing I already had- only in the limited edition rainbow.


They come with dark blue cables, which looks nice enough…


But my pink cables are still in fine shape and they look so much better 😀