Organization has always been a struggle for me. As an Aries, I'm generally very, very chaotic (the complete polar opposite to my husband's anal Virgo tendencies…and my mom…and my dad). I work well with…clutter. Not dirt, but clutter. I work best when I don't feel like I'm working in a museum or a library. Stick me in a completely organized room and you better not expect anything better than mediocrity. Stick me in a room I can mess up and I'll make you a masterpiece.

However, that being said, when homeschooling started taking over our dining table, even I admitted that we needed a bit more organization. Enter: Ikea, the home of reasonably-priced Swedish minimalist design modular furniture where they will watch and entertain your child while you shop (AKA: Heaven in a blue-and-yellow building). We headed over to Ikea for a field trip on Monday (another joy of homeschooling, no working around a school schedule when you want to go somewhere) and went in search of a way to get this homeschooling mess under control. Enter, the EXPEDIT series:


I bought the $39 EXPEDIT cube and 2 $10 drawer inserts to create a perfect combo for us. it was easy to assemble, and works perfectly for our needs. 🙂 The bag is my knitting bag that I forgot to move for the picture.

The top houses the workbooks we are currently working with, our abacus, our microscope, writing instruments, and, obviously, Hot Wheels and Speed Racer (x2)


The top shelves house my books on the left and Seamus' books on the right.


And the drawers house art supplies on the left and flashcards and educational implements on the right.


All in all, I am quite pleased. However, we agreed that we should probably get a bigger one before too long, so before we move, we intend on buying the larger-sized one and keeping it boxed through the move and assembling it when we get to Italy (we're also discussing finally buying a new couch and keeping it wrapped up until we move, but we'll see- I hope so, our current couch is breaking down at an incredible pace).

Reading is going much, much better since we started Sun Up. For a reluctant reader, it's perfect. Short chapters, lots of repetition. I finally feel like I'm getting somewhere. Well, somewhere besides my head meeting the table.

I've also been knitting. I'm working on a shawl for my aunt. Not sure I love this color, but it's not for me. It's a fancypants silk/bamboo yarn and it completely validates my belief that the fancier the yarn is, the more of a pain it is to work with. Oh, it feels amazing, but if all yarn were like this, I'd probably quit knitting for good. Once I'm finished with this, though, I can move on to a shawl for myself out of some gorgeous handspun I own that has been waiting in the wings for the right project.