I've made no secret how much Seamus has resisted learning to read. However, when we were doing a math placement test and he came across word problems (and couldn't do them because he couldn't read), he finally decided that he better learn to read.

I tried 100 Easy Lessons For Teaching Your Child to Read and had to stop because these lessons were anything but easy for both of us. After about 20 lessons and a lot of tears, we took a break and I retired the book. So, this time around, we're using phonics flashcards (from Target, yay!) and the book I learned to read with: Sun Up.





I had a terrible time finding a copy of the book- I've been looking for about 3 months. It's out of print (not a big shock considering that my kindergarten teacher retired a couple of years ago- and I was in her very first class) and the company that printed it has been absorbed by another company. Plenty of places had used copies, but to get anything above "fair" condition, it was big bucks. I finally found this one (new) on Amazon for $20. It's exactly what we needed. The chapters are short, to-the-point, and make him feel like he's actually doing something (instead of frustrating him to tears), which is WONDERFUL for my reluctant reader. So far, this book has been a welcome addition. I may have to track down some more of Margaret Early's book for Seamus.

Plus, I get to relive a bit of my childhood, which never hurts. 😉