The abacus is completely under-loved.

Seamus is still focused on flying through math, but as a 5-year-old, he still can't quite grasp numbers without examples.

Enter, the abacus. Now, we have a school abacus, not a Chinese or Russian abacus. A school abacus is a frame with 10 rows of 10 beads. It's perfect for what we need right now, because Seamus wants to do harder and harder math problems, but he still needs a visual assist. I picked our abacus up at Ikea for $10.

And, yes, that's a Spongebob math workbook.



I love this concentration, but he's going to have wrinkles on his forehead by the time he's 20.


I have a running joke between my friends and I about my love of all things bacon. And, well, it's true. We do eat a lot of bacon and I do find some odd uses for it. Today, I completed my focus (Final Fantasy 13 reference). I've made the obvious bacon breakfast, bacon for lunch, bacon for dinner, and now I've made…

Bacon Dessert.

Or, more specifically, Bacon Cookies of Epic Awesomeness



I think my work here is done, folks.