Yesterday, I saved four children from certain peril.

I was eating dinner when I heard the terror-filled screams of children from my porch. I opened the door and there stood Seamus, Jordan, Kaia, and some kid I didn't know pointing, crying, and shaking in the direction of a horrible…


cicada shell.



You can imagine their terror when I actually picked the thing up and tried to show them that it wouldn't hurt them. They screamed in horror and told me to put it down, that it was going to bite me and sting me and steal my soul. Ok, maybe not that last part. Mike actually had to escort Jordan home because he was too scared that there were more bugs.

Once the horror was over and all the children had gone home, I went and got the cicada shell again (much to my bug-loving son's horror- after all, this was a terrifying alien bug, not a cool 2-d scorpion in a book) and we checked it out under the microscope.



Then, because mommy takes too many pics, he needed to take pics, too.


Check out that concentration.

Such concentration.


And eventually, we touched it.


And my friend Kristen found this awesome stop-motion video of a cicada shedding it's skin.


And, so our science lesson for the week is cicadas.

We started school this week. It's amazing to me how much less time it takes to teach one child one-on-one. But I'm also starting to realize how little Seamus *did* learn in preschool. It's rather disheartening to realize you're having to teach you child stuff you thought they knew, when it really turns out that it's yet another case of public schools rewarding information regurgitation. They know how to tell you something, but they don't know the ins and outs of it and they don't truly understand it. I'm having to start from scratch on everything except math. We're re-learning letters, phonics, and handwriting. Seamus always got "acceptable" marks in handwriting, but, honestly, his handwriting is terrible! So, I'm making him re-learn how to write each letter and number, one by one. It's a slow and painful uphill battle, but I want him to actually know these things, not just possess the ability to ramble them off upon demand.

We start off with breakfast every morning and then we do our letter and phonics flashcards, which takes about half an hour. Then we move onto our handwriting lesson (Handwriting Without Tears) and then onto math. Math is Seamus' favorite subject (as I've mentioned before). He's flying through workbooks quicker than I can buy them- I still have to make it over to the homeschooling store and buy the next set of curriculum. As for science and history, as you can see above- we're just taking it as it interests us. For now, Seamus thinks bugs are awesome, so we study bugs. Lucky for Seamus, I think he's pretty awesome, so I will happily study bugs.

On a side note, today is my wedding anniversary. On 10 August 01, I married the love of my life. I'd happily marry him all over again 9 years later. I love you, hubtard.


The day before we got married…(check out the vintage digital picture! This was high-speed back in the day!)

Just the other day.


My husband is a man of simple desires. He like video games, nice linens (totally not kidding), and cool gadgets. You would think that the simpler a person's likes are, the easier they would be to shop for, but it's quite the opposite. 99% of the time, he gets a game that he picked out.

However, this Valentine's day I may have just found a perfect gift that I can keep a surprise. 😀 My friends over at Red Envelope have recently expanded their selection of cool gifts for men. When I started persuing their great new selection of men's gifts, I came across this baby:

A gadget charger for the car! The power source is shaped like a travel coffee cup and it features 2 outlets and a USB plug to keep all your junk nice and powered up. Hello, man gift! 😀

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