Meet my 5-year old school dropout.

This week, we un-enrolled Seamus from school to begin homeschooling. I'm actually pretty excited about starting. We're going to take it easy the rest of the summer and start up next month. I intended on teaching him to read over the summer, but he's not interested. He wants to do math and nothing else. So, we do math. Lots and lots and lots of math. I have now purchased my 3rd math workbook for him since we began doing them at the beginning of the summer. Have I mentioned I hate math? He totally gets this from Mike. Not me.

I read a lot of nightmare encounters of homeschooling children in Maryland. Maryland is 5th on the list of least educationally free states. The lady at the school board was very nice, though, and quite helpful. Now we're legal. 😀 When we got home, Seamus called my mom and told her, "Hi Gigi, I dropped out of school today!"

He also says Tony Stark (Iron Man's alter-ego) is going to homeschool him. I suppose that would help with that whole math thing…advanced robotics could be quite useful for a 5-year-old. Well, it would be…if Tony Stark existed.

Maybe we should talk about what homeschooling is a bit more in-depth with him…