Earlier this month, we all took a trip down to Florida. The trip down was relatively uneventful.

Seamus and my spinning wheel were secured in the backseat:

I knitted when Mike drove (and subsiquently lost the 2nd ball of yarn somewhere between Maryland and Florida. I guess I knocked it out of the car somewhere. Sad.)

We ate junk food:

And Seamus had a fit when we stopped in South Carolina for dinner at Hooters because they "don't really have boobies on the menu". Seriously.

We went with full intentions of registering the car with Florida plates in preparation for our move (since we'll be leaving the car with my parents). Only, when we got there, we found out that Maryland screwed up our registration and transposed some letters on our VIN, so we couldn't do anything. Needless to say, we were unamused. Oh well, what can you do? We found other things to do to fill our time.

We went out to eat for my birthday at The Great Southern Cafe. It was fan.tas.tic. If you're ever near Seaside, Florida, you should go. I had the vegetable (I use the term vegetable quite loosely) plate with fried okra, fried green tomatoes, gouda cheese grits, cole slaw, and, of course, corn bread.

We also went to an Air Show where the Thunderbirds performed stunts with my dad, my brother, my SIL, and my nephew at Eglin Air Force Base. Seamus got to meet an astronaut there and was totally impressed. He has now has a plan for becoming an astronaut. He is going to study hard and learn math and colors. And he is going to make me knit and sell stuff to buy him a rocket. Good to know.

But mostly? I just sat with toes in the water and knitted.

Finally, while we were down there, we also headed over to Mobile and got my high school friend Erin to take our photos. She is a REALLY talented up-and-coming photographer. I seriously LOVE every picture she took. I'm so, so, so excited to finally have family pictures that look like US. The last pictures we had done were done at Sears and I had bronchitis. I look like death warmed over in the pictures. Erin managed to capture us all perfectly- especially Seamus, who has such a bold personality.

And, my personal favorite:

All in all, we had a really good time. 🙂 It was nice to see everyone.

This year, instead of buying Seamus an Easter basket, I decided to make one myself that we can keep. I made it out of some self-striping single ply wool that I picked up at the LYS. I worried when I got it home that it was too pink-y, but after it was finished and felted, I loved it. I need to fix the handle, though, it wouldn't stand up after it dried. To say this thing was huge is an understatement. After I finished the body, I could fit the entire upper half of my body in it (and so could Mike- coincidentally, he said he wants one to wear for naps while traveling). After I attached the handle, it was nearly as big as Seamus. After I felted it in the washing machine, it was a nice, normal size. 🙂

I also finally finished my Liesl lacy cardigan! I'm very, very, very happy with it. These are not the world's best photos- I had to get Mike to take most of them.

Only right now, I can't knit (or spin for that matter). Part of the agreement for living in Italy is that the entire family is current on ALL of their vaccines (including the flu vaccines). For Seamus, this wasn't a huge deal. He just needed a couple. For me, because I'm old and stuff, they tested my blood to see what I still had and didn't have. I ended up having to get a tetnus shot, a polio booster, and a combo Hep A/B vax. I'm having an allergic reaction to the Hep A/B vax. My right arm is huge and swollen and gross and ick and yuck and I. am. miserable. I can't do anything.

That has been most of April in a nutshell. I'm going to write about bread baking, my new BFF, soon.