I knew it was coming. I just didn't know it would be so far.



Thank you, random people on Flickr with photos tagged with Latina, Italy.

Honestly, when we knew we'd be moving this year, we figured we'd be moving back to a deploying base. After all, we've dodged the deployment bullet for almost 6 years now. I even considered we might take an overseas bullet…perhaps Mike would be going to Korea…or maybe we'd even head back to
Okinawa, Japan. One thing that never entered my mind is Italy. For the Army to go to Italy is a majorly rare thing. In fact, most of the Army stationed there is either Special Ops, Airborne, or one of the other specially-trained groups. None of which we are. All in all, we're very excited, but we have a few months before we'll be moving.

In all my research, I've discovered that the 2 greatest exports are:




Correlation? I think so. Apparently, I should have learned to like olives when I was younger. Then I might have been able to reach the top shelf in the kitchen. Moral of the story? Eat your olives, kids.

Seamus is starting a new sport soon. The entire month of February, we were ensconced in piles of snow and he missed a lot of karate. I offered Seamus the option of starting soccer. He has his cleats, his shin guards, his shorts, and his socks, and he starts on the 31st and he's so excited. He's been practicing with his ball and he's getting good, although, from as good as he is at catching the ball, I think he'd make an awesome goalie. At least we put him in the right sport for our move.