Well, somehow, I finally found my mojo. Somewhere between the excitement of guesting for Revolution (Today, Jan 21, 9pm, be there. Buy something.) and the sheer joy of learning that I'm finally getting my spinning wheel that I've been pining for for a couple of years now, I got a surge of much-needed knitting energy.

First, I made myself a calorimetry, complete with devil horns. Because, after all, how can I be Shanna the She-Devil when I don't even have the requisite horns? The calorimetry is made from a superwash yarn dyed by my friend Lisa of CreativLEI Made. I almost wept with joy when I got this yarn. It is incredibly rare to find someone who knows how to dye red. Red that is RED and not orange or pink or yellow. RED. either way, it's perfect. If you'd like to make your own devil horns, I put up the instructions on my Ravelry project page. If you don't have Ravelry (WHY NOT?), just shoot me an email and I'll hook you up.

Next, I finally found the yarn I needed to make Mike a murloc. First of all, if you have no clue what a murloc is, go here. It's a "bad guy" from World of Warcraft. The most annoying bad guy on the face of the planet, at that. I think the person who wrote this pattern either tried to write it
after they made it or wrote it while using some high-end illegal drugs.
The pattern made no sense at all in some places.
The yarn was a pain to track down, as the colors are discontinued.
There, now you know what I did not. I found a few places online
claiming to had it that did not. Email before you buy. No one likes
waiting for a refund when you order 95 and they try to substitute.
I think I may have made some kind of pact with Satan to finally get this damn yarn. Oh, and he’s dead because Mike always says, “The only good murloc is a DEAD murloc.”
All in all, he's thrilled, though, so I'm pleased with the effort it took.

OMG it's attacking Mike!

Here's where I kited him outside and killed him with my epic kitchen knife with 5 billion DPS. I'm pro, y'all.

After wrestling with that damn pattern for a
week, I had an insatiable urge to go to a lvl 5 area with murlocs and
hellfire them with my 80 'lock. So I did.

After the epic murloc, I had a bit of a knitting accident. When you begin knitting a project, you're supposed to make a gauge swatch. The pattern will tell you how big and how to make it, but it's generally a 4×4 knitted square. Then, you make sure that you have the correct number of stitches per inch (as the pattern calls for) and adjust from there. Too many stitches? Go up a needle size. Too few? Go down. All in all, it's like a knitting compass. This shrug began life intending t be a ladies' medium. It's not. It fits Seamus. I'm selling it. I knit it, embroidered it, and even managed to throw in some of my new favorite thing to do: NEEDLE-FELTING.

As I said, this thing fits Seamus. I had to bribe him to get this photo, and, as you can tell, he was thrilled to model.

I'm seriously in love with needle-felting. You take some wool (dyed, undyed, whatever) that has not yet been made into yarn (basically, a big pile of fleece that has been processed a bit, called roving) and stab it with needles. Repeatedly. Like voodoo. Eventually, you end up with something. Kinda like whittling. Either way, needle-felting is making me a much better person. Instead of wanting to kill Mike for drinking the last Coke, I just sit down and stab, stab, stab myself a sheep…or a flower…or whatever. This is better than therapy (and a lot cheaper than the legal fees involved for killing my husband). I'm pretty sure it's keeping me sane.

Another thing I've discovered recently is yarn wreaths. It's just like a regular wreath, only you cover it in yarn and add stuff. I've made two, but one is unfinished until I get some more black roving. This one is made from a semi-solid green yarn from Three Irish Girls that I put onto a heart-shaped wreath and needle-felted a bunch of sheep and flowers to go on. It's also for sale, but I'm not going to cry if no one buys it. The thing took forever, but I looooooooove it.

And lastly, I made a neckwarmer. I created this pattern and I'm pretty pleased with it. For those colder days, there is a drawstring at the top to cinch and
make the neckwarmer cover more skin, keeping you warmer. For those days
when you're not quite so chilly, leave the drawstring loose (or remove
it completely) for a more puddled, cowl-type effect. I needle-felted (are we sensing some frustration as of late in Shanna's life?) a Carneum Poppy- my favorite flowers next to irises- that I attached for a dramatic effect.

This is still a work in progress, but I'm working on a sweater for myself. The yarn was dyed by my LYS owner in her "Snow Pea" colorway. Love it.

As I mentioned, I'm finally getting a spinning wheel (yay, tax return). I filed our taxes recently and they were already accepted, so we should be getting our return pretty soon. I've narrowed it down, but I've not made a final decision yet. I've narrowed it down to a Kromski Sonata, a Kromski Minstrel, or a Hitchhiker. I like the Sonata, but it's a bit bigger than I wanted (afterall, we are in the military and we never know what size our next house is going to be. Size is important.), but I found an amazing deal on a used one. If my tax return comes in and the girl still has it, I'll probably end up with that one. I love the Minstrel, it's my first choice, and if I don't get the good deal on the Sonata, I'll get that. I love the look of it and everything. I like the Hitchhiker- the smallest of the three (and the cheapest), but I've heard bad things about it as anything more than a secondary travel wheel. A lot of people tried to talk me into a Louet or a Ladybug or even a Babe, but, frankly, I'm not attracted to any of them visually (especially not the Babe. That thing is hideous.). I think it's important to make the tools you work with creatively pleasing to the eye. Beautiful tools yield beautiful work. But that's just me. Anyway, I'm really excited about this. I've even got lessons lined up. I can't wait. 😀

Of course, if I had about 6 grand to blow, I'd be buying one of these…and be terrified to use it. But, damn, it'd be pretty sitting in my living room.