I love webzines. A lot. It’s all the joy of a regular magazine, all available on the internet. I especially love free webzines…that offer knitting patterns…like Knitty. Knitty comes out four times per year (every season) and usually has about 15-20 knitting and crochet patterns that are (usually) very unique.

I’ve made a few patterns from Knitty, like my beloved Calorimetry.

Anyway, throughout the year, as the weather changes, fiber artists across the world look forward to a new issue of Knitty. Every few days, we go to knitty.com and see if it’s up. As the days drag on, we begin to check multiple times per day. Finally, it’s up. We oooh, we aahh, and then, with issues like this one…

we scratch our heads.

Let’s go through this, pattern by pattern (skipping a few), and discuss:

  • Spoke: At first blush, I thought, “I MUST MAKE THIS PATTERN.” I think it was more the pretty purple yarn than anything, but I digress. The sweater itself is very, very pretty. I even like it…but it’s a seamed sweater. WHHHHHHHHHHY does it have to be seamed? Why can’t it just be top-down like every other self-respecting sweater. Is there some advantage to seaming that I don’t see? Why in the devil would you sew on something when it’s completely possible to make things all in one piece? Whatever. Won’t be making it now. If I wanted to sew, I’d take a sewing class…or make my mom make it.
  • Four Corners in Tokyo: All you’re doing is drawing attention to an area NO ONE wants to draw attention to.
  • Vroom Vest: This is ugly. My child would refuse to wear it…and my child wears pretty much everything I tell him to.
  • Shroom: I wanted to like this. I REALLY, REALLY did. Unfortunately, I all I can think is that it looks like one of those awful hairnet barrettes.
  • Citron: Love this one. It takes such tiny needles that I will probably never make it, but I love it.
  • Duet: This is actually a pretty cute idea- a neckwarmer that can transform into a hat…but what happens when your neck gets cold but you’re wearing it as a hat?
  • Tentacular Scarf: It looks like something a bride would wear to a hen party. Condoms, Rose! Condoms! Condoms! Condoms!
  • Synergy: OK, I play World of Warcraft (WoW). I have joked for a while that knitting should be a profession on WoW (they have tailoring and leather working and jewelry making), but i never thought someone would do it in real life. The “shields” themselves are just plain stupid, but what really irks me is that the sock used in the pictures isn’t the sock pattern offered with the “shields”. You have to buy the pattern-writer’s book to get the sock pattern shown in the photos. Way to plug your book.
  • Mrs. Roosevelt: This pattern was written by Elenore Roosevelt, which I think was awesome. She was apparently, an avid knitter. There are a bunch of photographs of her knitting, but she very rarely talked about it. The mittens aren’t my thing (decreasing up the middle?), but it’s a cool bit of history.

So, anyway, yeah, I’m disappointed. There’s a few OK things, but all-in-all? Meh.

Speaking of knitting, I mentioned in my last post that I was thinking of re-opening my shop. Well, I did it…on Etsy, anyway.

My amazing friend Dawn worked this up for me with some old art of mine. I’m thrilled. It’s simple, clean, and to-the-point. My shop doesn’t have much in it yet, but Rome wasn’t built in a day. I’ll get there.

Christmas is in full swing here in the Trim house. We have our very first Christmas tree. Yes, Mike and I have been married for nearly 8 years, but no, we have never had a tree. We’ve always gone home for Christmas, so I never saw the point in buying a tree. But, this year, Seamus’ school schedule isn’t allowing us to go home, so we finally got to buy a tree. I absolutely love our tree. It looks completely traditional, but still beautiful. It’s all red and white with touches of silver. The tree is fake. I even hung candy canes on it. It’s exactly what I’ve always wanted in a tree. I even managed to get a lovely knitted tree skirt that matches. I also got some red lanterns to dot around the house (which Seamus is obsessed with toting around).

Our tree ❤

Our wreath 😀

Seamus beside our advent calender (made by Beneath the Rowan Tree)

Seamus with one of our lamps (eyeroll)

Seamus’ letter to Santa- he is soooooo excited!

We got Seamus’ karate pics back this week. I looooove them! They’re so much better than I was expecting. He calls them his “Karate Superstar pictures”, hahaha. Now I just need to take them to Target and make copies…because I’m cheap and if any of you knew how much I paid for 3 sheets of pictures, you’d probably slap me. Oh well.

And that’s all for now. I hope to update again before Christmas, but if not, Happy Holidays!