I've been toying with the idea of re-opening my business. I want to change directions- less baby stuff, more adult items and patterns and such. I've been working on my first original pattern and been having it tested. It's almost ready. It's a hat pattern for babies through adults with animal ears attached. I have a kitty pattern, a puppy pattern, and a bear pattern. And, per Brandon's request, I'm working on an elephant ear pattern.

Here is the kitty (with a bow):

And here is the bear (well, tiger- apologies for the bad Blackberry photo):

I need to get a picture of the puppy one still. Anyway, I'm happy with the pattern and so long as everything goes well, I should be posting it up around the beginning of the year. I'm excited. Then I intend to write up my shrug pattern. Exciting stuff for me. With a new beginning comes a new name, though. Much as I enjoyed Moose Tracks the first time around, it doesn't feel right to use the name for something else. 

I finally finished my mother's shawl. I love it- sooooo pretty. I am VERY happy with the way it came out. The yarn is (main) Damson and (trim) Concord Grape in Zoe sock yarn by Shalimar Yarns (which is dyed by my local yarn store owner). The pattern is Faraway, So Close by Sweet Mama Small Sugar. It's very well-written and easy to follow. I gave it to my mother when she was here for Thanksgiving- I hope she gets a lot of use out of it.

For myself (yes, I do knit for myself occasionally!), I made a beret (a tester pattern from my dear friend Kim- love it) and a neckwarmer that I designed. I need to tweak the neckwarmer a bit- the fit is a bit off- but overall, I'm very happy with both. The yarn is baby alpaca and it is as soft as a cloud. It's also really hairy and I think my lungs may now have a soft baby alpaca lining. I have a skein left. I need to make some mittens or something.




The week of Thanksgiving, my parents visited us. We met them in Williamsburg and then we came on up to Maryland. Williamsburg was nice…but not quite what I was expecting. It seemed more touristy and hokey than historical…almost like none of it was original. On the way back to Frederick, we stopped off at Montecello and visited Jefferson's house. That was really neat to see.

Our first (full) day in Maryland, we went to Gettysburg and to Lancaster, PA to see Amish country. Gettysburg was bigger than I expected. We drove through most of it, but it was raining and just generally ick most of the day. In Lancaster County, the weather was no better. I didn't take any pictures, though.

Please note Seamus' gun and Confederate hat. He prompted this photo by running up to the re-enactors and screaming "STICK 'EM UP!". Luckily, they thought he was cute and humored him (and me).

We also visited DC, but there was yet again, horrible weather, so no pics. We rode to the top of the Washington Monument, we visited a bunch of museums, and we even got to tour the Capitol (well, most of it, anyway. Seamus insisted he was hungry about halfway through, so Mike and I took him to the cafeteria and my parents finished the tour.). We had a really nice time. 🙂

I'm starting to get into Christmas baking. This week, I made chocolate-dipped pretzels (chocolate with white chocolate drizzle with pecans and chocolate with butterscotch drizzle with toffee bits. Nom nom nom). This weekend, I intend on making cookies and next week, I'm hoping to make fudge. In January, I intend on not eating to lose the 20 lbs I'm going to gain eating all this sugary goodness in December.

So, that about wraps it up. Dinosaur Seamus thanks you for reading. 😉