Apparently Operation Let's-See-How-Much-Crap-Shanna-Can-Take-Before-She-Completely-Snaps is still in full force. On Saturday night (Halloween), Mike begged out of going Trick-or-Treating, saying he didn't feel well. By the time Seamus and I got back (with a sack full of high fructose corn syrup- nomnomnom), he had a fever. I ran over to CVS and picked up some Nyquil for him and doped him up. Monday morning, he went to the doctor and learned he was the proud recipient of the seasonal flu. Yay!

Well, my husband, who can't share the covers, the bed, the couch, or anything remotely chocolatey (I thought I was a chocoholic, then I married one)…managed to share the flu with me. Thanks, babe! I went to the doc while Seamus was at school and was immediately plastered with a mask to protect the innocents. While I waited for my super-duper prescriptions, I was sequestered by the Immunizations Department at the clinic. If they were trying to guilt me over not getting my flu vax, it totally didn't work.

My Fall '09 Collection: Flu Chic. I call this color H1N1 Red.

I got a nice, big bottle of 800mg Motrin and some kind of cough perles for my troubles. The Motrin has been handy, the perles can just get out. My Nyquil works better. Oh, Nyquil, how I love thee. And none of those pansy gel caps for me. NO, SIR. I go straight for the good stuff. GIANT LIQUID VALUE-FAMILY-SIZED BOTTLE FOR ME, PLEASE. Ba-da-da-da-da! I'm lovin' it.

And, well, because things are better when they're round, Seamus got it, too! Yay! Again, thanks, babe! He was utterly heartbroken at the prospect of missing his professional karate photos Sunday. He planned on giving everyone the pictures for Christmas, so I could not make him understand that we would figure something out if he wasn't better. Luckily, he was mostly better and got to go. He looked so cute. I can't wait to get the photos back. I wish I had ordered the trading cards, too, but they were crazy-expensive. I think I'll just get some made up on my own.

I have got to get finished with the few projects I have left to do- my parents will be here in TWELVE DAYS. I can't wait.