Let's start with good things.

Seamus started karate this month. It's been amazing for him. Despite some poo-poos from people saying that it would make him fight, it has been perfect for him. Before he started, he had gotten some notes home about his behavior and since he started, we have not gotten a single note. He loves it. I can tell a huge difference in his concentration and focus. He still acts like a typical 4-year-old, don't get me wrong (I still maintain that 4-year-olds should be declared a separate species), but when he knows he's expected to pay attention, he does.

I've been teaching Seamus to knit. Surprisingly, he's picking it up pretty easily. He insisted he had to use circular needles (2 needles attached by a long cord) rather than traditional straight needles (which would probably be easier). I gave him some chunky yarn, cast on a few stitches for him, then spent some time showing him what to do. He loses interest in it pretty quickly, but what can I say? Again, he's 4. I'm just excited that he wants to learn. He's wearing his karate shirt in these photos- I guess he's a knitting kninja.

Fall has arrived here in Maryland. It's lovely…and cold…but mostly lovely. I love when the leaves change. We never had this when I was growing up. In Mobile, Alabama, we have winter-ish (more like Fall, Sr. starting in January), "Spring" for about a month or so (in March and maybe April), then Summer (May, June), Summer Hardcore (July, August), Summer again (September, most of October) and then a couple of weeks of fall-ish (November, December). The leaves are beautiful and then one day they all just fall off. No pretty colors, no picturesque scenes. Nada. Here today, gone tomorrow and I hope you have your sweater. I'm going to miss that when we move from here.

This past weekend was Halloween. On Friday, Seamus and I carved pumpkins. No, they're not amazing or artistic or, well, anything more than traditional and plain, but they're the first pumpkins I've ever carved, lol. And, well, to be quite honest, I like the traditional ones best. They give me warm fuzzies. Yeah, some people can do some real show-stopping pumpkins, but 95% of them are probably done with a template. We scooped them out, separated the seeds out, and carved one happy and one angry pumpkin. They even have eyebrows, because Seamus insisted that you couldn't tell if the angry pumpkin was mad or sad and you needed eyebrows to be able to tell. Whatever, they're cute.

For Halloween, Seamus wanted to be "a karate guy"…no, Buzz Lightyear…no, Iron Man…no, Wolverine…the list goes on. We started out as a karate guy (for karate class), then we changed into our Buzz Lightyear costume to go trick-or-treating at the mall, then he changed into his Iron man costume to go play with Sebastian (who was dressed as Spiderman), then to go trick-or-treating, he became…wait for it…


Yes, Tigger, as in Winnie the Pooh. As in Shanna HATES Winnie the Pooh. Sebastian's mom found this cute Tigger costume she had bought for Sebastian last year that he never wore because he insisted on being Spiderman for the 3rd year in a row. She gave it to me to let Seamus play with. I hung it up in the hall and he spotted it and that was that. I intended to change him back into his Buzz Lightyear costume for trick-or-treating, but that wasn't happening. So, he was Tigger. Oy.

I've been working pretty much exclusively on a shawl for my mom. The pattern is Faraway, So Close and I'm working it up on a semi-solid lavender yarn dyed by the owner of my local yarn store. I've become a really big fan of her work. I already picked up a different color to make one for myself. These are progressive pics:

Speaking of knitting, I finally get to see the lovely baby kimono I made over the summer on it's intended recipient. I love it! So soft and snuggly! Here are Baby Zerah and Audrey wearing their fancy matching clothes. I love it when things I make are appreciated. I hate making things and never seeing them ever again, so this truly warmed my heart.


Now the not-so-fun stuff.

I had Seamus' parent-teacher conference this past month and while his reviews were great- he's right where he needs to be or better in everything but writing. Poor kid is ambidexterious like his mommy and can't decide which hand to use, but he favors his left (I favor my right). However, his teacher mentioned that she had concerns about his hearing. Mike and I had noticed the same things she mentioned, so we'll be taking him in at the end of the month for hearing testing. I was really upset when we first found out, but I'm starting to just come around to accepting whatever will be will be when we get him tested. I'm just mad we have to wait until almost the end of the month (the 20th) to do it. I shouldn't have to wait that long to get my child care!

Also, Mike has the flu (the normal kind, not the bacon-y goodness kind) and he hit a deer last week. The car is currently in the shop being fixed. It's been a hell of a few weeks. If life doesn't slow down soon, I'm going to go crazy.