After a few weeks of going back and forth about it, I finally convinced Mike to let Seamus get into an activity. We've been having issues with him getting adjusted to school- nothing major, just talking in class and he got into a fight over play-doh. We considered art (nah, he gets enough of that at home)…we considered sports (none for his age group here on base)…and finally we settled on…

KARATE. We looked at a few places in the area and we think we finally found the perfect fit. The first place we checked out was fine, but the guy admitted to charging a higher fee to teach the under-6 set because they're more difficult to teach (um, what?). He's charging a pain-in-the-ass fee for little kids? If you have to charge a PITA fee for kids, YOU PROBABLY SHOULDN'T BE TEACHING THEM, BOB. The second one was a chain masquerading as a privately run dojo (no thank you- I want people who aren't in it for the money). The third one we looked at seems awesome. It's a privately-run family-owned dojo and he'll be in the "Lil' Dragons" class. He starts Saturday. He'll technically be doing taekwondo, but he calls it karate.

Seamus is insanely excited. His uniform arrived today and he had to put it on RIGHT THEN. No washing first, nothing. RIGHT THEN AND THERE.


Loves it. He's also decided he wants to be a "karate guy" for Halloween. Hallelujah. No more back and forth about what he wants to be. "I want to be Iron Man." "I want to be Wolverine." "I want to be a ghost." "I want to be Buzz Lightyear." "I want to be Iron Man with Wolverine Claws while wearing Buzz Lightyear's rocket pack."

You think I'm kidding.

Halloween has been a fight this year. Seamus has been trying to convince me to put out the decorations since…August. I fought him off until mid-September. We now have our big grinny pumpkin sitting outside and our witch's hat tealight holder in the window.

I love this little monster…and his chocolate-coated teeth.