Heaven showed up in my mailbox recently. Most people would say that if a shiny pair of Louboutin’s or a Birkin bag, if you’re a Trendy Girl, or perhaps the perfect Gucci bag- the one with a brown leather that’s as soft as a cloud and the bamboo handle, the one that every Classic Girl wants- showed up in their mailbox. But oh no, not me. Heaven showed up in my mailbox in the form of….


Yes, that’s right: yarn. Specifically, 6 skeins of my favorite colorway ever. Huckleberry Knits “Moonlight”. Slightly over 1,000 yards of yarny goodness. All for me.

I got Mike to take this picture. How he managed that perfect heavenly light in the right corner, I’ll never know.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, I’ve been making hats. Lots and lots and lots of hats. One for me, the rest for my soon-to-be-arriving cousin (second cousin? Its my cousin’s daughter.). The first I made is a tester pattern for Sweet Mama Small Sugar- “Handspun Cloche”. I knit this out of Huckleberry Knits (are you sensing a pattern yet?) “Copper Patina” on organic wool. I decided to make the XL and I honestly should have made a large. I’ve apparently been married to Mike too long- I think my head is as big as his. I kinda like the floppiness of the too-large sizing, though. Plus, I can tuck my hair into it if I want.

I won’t bore you with eleventybillion baby hats and such, so I’ll just show you this one. This is another tester pattern I did that was written by Kimberly Russo, called a “Slouchy Beret”. I made the newborn sized one. I have no idea what this yarn is, though. I’ve had it in my stash for a couple of years. Oops. It’s being modeled by Baby, Seamus’ waldorf doll who is always willing to crossdress for me.  

Ah, Seamus’ beloved “Baby”. He got Baby for his second birthday- just a few days after he broke his arm jumping off the computer chair. Baby has done everything with Seamus. When Seamus got a sling for his arm, I made Baby one, too. When Seamus potty trained, Baby did, too- he even had boxers and got genitals attached for the occasion (no, I won’t take pictures of the doll’s penis). He got his arm torn off at one point and had to visit Dr Joyce of the Hillcountry Dollmaker Hospital. He’s been an awesome learning tool, and now that Seamus has outgrown him a bit, he has become my newborn clothing model- he’s nearly the size of one. 

Seamus and baby in their matching diapers by Holden’s Landing.

So, to all you naysayers who think that boys don’t play with dolls, sod off. My son has a doll and he has been an awesome friend to him through moves and milestones.

And just in case you failed Anatomy and Physiology, here is 2-year-old Seamus to remind you of your parts.