My baby is writing. I cannot believe it. A couple of weeks ago, we stopped in at the homeschooling store here, the aptly named "Educational Store", to pick up a roll of paper for Seamus' easel- they're the only place I can find that carries it. I also picked up a preschool workbook for him that taught writing. I figured that getting a head start on K-4 for this fall couldn't hurt. We worked through the first part- the writing basics part- last week and most of this week. Lots of angled lines, straight lines, and curvy lines with some circles and half-circles thrown in for good measure. But today we got to start on letters. We started with the letter A and worked a bit on B. I can't believe he can write the letter A. I'm so proud…and sad…and thrilled. So very bittersweet.


After we got our A's down, Seamus asked me to show him how to write his name. The first line I wrote (obviously), the second line I guided him through (by holding my hand over his), and the third he did himself. His S'es aren't even backwards! *sob*

And in our house, for doing such a good job, you get a moose punch…because a moose punch is infinitely cooler than a gold star will ever be. 😉

Seamus starts pre-kindergarten this fall- it's offered by the school system here to prepare kids for kindergarten. They learn the basics of what they need to know before kindergarten- he probably already knows most of it, but it's free and it certainly can't hurt to send him. He's all registered and ready to go now. I was totally cool with it, totally ready. He'll be riding the bus every day. He's still going, but the closer time gets, the weirder I feel.