I'm finally back home and starting to get back into the groove of things. I really enjoyed the time with my  folks, but damn, I have missed home- with MY things. I've also especially missed having my laptop. It's a pain not being able to get on the computer and do something you need or want to do when you're so used to being able to do that all the time.
I finished another couple of pairs of socks. One for me and one for my mom and teensy little feet (seriously, folks, she wears a 5- it's like knitting a sock for an 8-year-old). Hers are from a Miss Babs colorway (called "violets", I think…maybe it's "irises") and mine are from another Miss Babs colorway called "Bluegrass".



I loooove both of them- but especially love the colorway on mine. I'm going to make myself some socks like moms as well. I have nearly half a skein left over, plus a second one. Maybe I'll try out some Monkeys.

And here is my very first properly done kitchner stitch (ignore the little piece of string on the sock). I have NEVER been able to make it look right until I watched this video over and over and over and over again. Thanks, Marcie.

On Superbowl Sunday, Seamus and I did a lot of baking- while he wore his Auburn football kit. Can you tell we're not big on professional football in our family- we root for the college teams. Mainly Auburn. Ok, ONLY Auburn. Only Mike's an Alabama fan. But we don't talk about that. Anyway, while all of you were drinking beer and eating chicken fingers, Seamus and I were making tons of cookies.

War Eagle!

Which one do I eat first?

A little food porn to brighten your day:

More later…