This morning I got to meet with the director of the preschool. I had Mike, who is working the night shift, get up and keep Seamus so I wouldn't have to take him with me (and back to the scene of the crime). The first thing she started talking to me about was that we didn't get to meet the teacher because she was off helping her deaf daughter who was having a baby. Yes, lady, I heard you the first time. After that little song and dance, she asked me what experience I had in education. I told her that I majored in deaf education for 3 years and that I had worked at the speech and hearing impaired preschool on campus. She replied with, "Oh." Anyway, she went on to tell me (again) that the teacher, Miss Zoe probably had too structured of a style for Seamus and that some children took a while to warm up to her. She also said (and this is funny) that Seamus may have been scared by Miss Zoe's hajib (Miss Zoe is Muslim and wears the traditional hajib). Really? That is the best excuse you have? That my child was scared by a piece of fabric wrapped around the teacher's head? REALLY? *shakes head* In the end, I finally ended up cutting her off and telling her that I would not be changing my mind and that I would like to sign the unenrollment paperwork. After I finished that, she asked if there was anything she could do to make this better and I told her yes: 1. She could talk to Miss Zoe and explain to her that children deserve respect. A person is a person, no matter how small. How can you expect a child to have respect for YOU when you don't treat THEM with the same respect? and 2. She could gave me a refund of the money I paid. She coupldn't give me my money back, but we compromised by having her put the prorated difference into Seamus' hourly care (drop-in care) account. I'm satisfied with that. I'm not sure if she will actually speak with her, but I've done all I can without making it really ugly. Seamus and I feel better and that's the truly important part.