The preschool director finally called me back- she even made a HUGE deal about how she was calling on her off time because she was too busy to call me back while she was working this morning (and apparently Wednesday through Friday of last week considering I left my first message Wednesday morning and I left my third message this morning). Um, yay? You're calling me while I'm driving to the gas station, I guess we're both inconvenienced, lady. The only reason she actually called me back is because I left a message with the enrollment office and gave an earfull to the guy there.
Anyway, I started off by telling her how disappointed I was that we didn't get to meet Seamus teacher before he actually started- otherwise this may have all been avoided (the teacher was out of town until school started because her daughter was having a baby). The director interrupted me when I mentioned the teacher being out of town and corrected me by saying, "You mean her DEAF daughter was having a baby." Sit down, lady. I hate when people act like that. Maybe I'm too used to Ryan (my BFF of 14 years- god, I'm old- who is deaf), who is fiercely independant, but I hate when people act like deaf people are completely helpless. I just said, "Yes, I know." I gave her the rundown of what happened and she cited personality clashing as the problem (no kidding, lady). What really got me was when she said, "It sounds like your son is just too laid-back for her class." Only the way she said "laid-back" made it sound like a fatal, contagious disease. Mike and I are pretty easy-going, I don't think it has hurt us in life- maybe I'm secretly suffering and don't even know it. Oh, the humanity. She then suggested that maybe we should put Seamus into the completely unstructured hourly (re: drop-in) daycare program. The hourly care program has children of all ages in it- it's a program for people who only need care once in a while for things like a doctor's appt for mom or something- not for specific age groups. I agreed to go speak with her in person on Wednesday and I'll sign the papers to unenroll him officially. I could probably fight this more, but he's doing a lot better now and I don't want to dredge up problems again. I'll chalk this one up to lessons learned.
Seamus is doing much better. Yesterday, it seemed like a light just came back on. He was happy and loving again and no bed wetting either. I am so relieved.

In other news, Happy 28th Birthday, Hubtard! I love my silverback gorilla. 😉 (I love when Mike has a birthday- it means he's older than me for another 7 months)