First of all, we ended up pulling Seamus out of preschool. Mike and I talked about it, and we were really concerned about Seamus' happiness and well-being. He seemed really upset about the situation and the last
thing we wanted to do was to set him up to hate school. (Plus, as someone pointed out to me: "
If she was bold enough to be so stern in front of you, I would be concerned with how she behaves otherwise.") I called the
school board here and found out about their 4-K program and we decided
to just homeschool him this year (it's too late to enroll him in another preschool here, plus he seems pretty freaked out about the whole thing) and next year he can go to 4-K. I
explained all of this to him and he seemed happy. However, every night
since Tuesday (and twice last night), he has wet the bed. I stop all
his liquids 2 hours before bedtime and he hasn't wet the bed in MONTHS.
He has also been begging to go to my parents house (and lesser, to go
to their preschool). He talks to them every day on the phone, so it's
not like he just wants to talk to them.
I'm just so worried about him. I don't know if
these effects are mental or physical. I'm thinking of taking him to the
doctor on Monday just to rule out a physical possibility. I feel so
helpless, I don't know what to do. Something just isn't right and I
don't know what. My poor moose.

Today, I got rear-ended at the grocery store. Blah. Seamus and I had stopped at Giant Eagle on the way home from running errands (including getting the oil changed- oh, the irony). We bought some junk, including a disgustingly unhealthy (and delicious!) icing-and-food coloring-covered cookie from the bakery for Seamus (the preschool thing has made me into such a sucker- I'd probably buy him a pony and a wedding cake if he asked), came out to the car, put the stuff we bought in the trunk, and left. Just as we were leaving- CRUNCH. The guy was nice about it- he was with him wife and 2 daughters. Our car is pretty much fine. The rear bumper is a little scratched and bent, but nothing debilitating. As I always say: irritating, not debilitating. *shrug* Seamus is fine, I am fine. My back hurts, but that should clear up in a couple of days. When Seamus asked me what happened, I told him, "Someone hit the back of our car with their car". he asked me, "Is my cookie OK?". Priorities, woman!

I am the meanest pet owner ever. Look what I bought Maddy at Target:

Does that look not say, "I'll cut you."? She was so, so, so mad, but she looked so, so, so cute. Seamus, on the other hand, was thrilled (his shirt has been rained on, if you can't tell).

I have finished projects to post, but I need to go dig out the Motrin, so I'll post them another day. Have a lovely weekend- Monday is Mike's b'day! 🙂