(Fun fact: this drawing was created by a 17-year old high school student named Eliza Gauger in the wake of Sept 11th. She said she was illustrating her own mother's willingness to do anything- even something she hated, like guns- to protect her children.)

So today was Seamus'…*counts*…3rd day of preschool here. The first week, he continually told me that he didn't like it and wanted to go to GiGi's preschool (the preschool at my parent's church that he went to while we visited- he liked it very much). I shrugged it off as jitters and figured if he still hated it by the end of the month, we would reassess. Now, I'm certain it was more than that. Today when I dropped him off (about 5 or 10 minutes late- I set the alarm for PM instead of AM), his teacher told him that he couldn't play until he drew a picture- even though all of the other kids were done drawing and had moved onto playing. When he told her "No, I don't want to draw a picture" (and who can blame him? All the kids were playing with trucks and cars), she said in a very stern voice, "You do not say no to me!" Get a grip, lady! He wasn't being disrespectful, he was being a 3-year old who wanted to go play. Plus, he may be 3, but even 3-year-olds deserve respect! I came home and told Mike he was going to come with me and see what he though. When Seamus gets really overwhelmed, he roars at people (like a dinosaur- it's a coping mechanism) instead of speaking. When we picked him up, he grabbed Mike's neck and didn't let go and roared. In fact, that's all he would do at me for a good 4 or 5 minutes- normally, he only does it for a minute or two, tops. After he finally stopped, he told us that he hated school and that his teacher was mean to him. When he said that, my inner Mama Bear came out and I would have gladly stormed into that school and torn the teacher apart limb from limb and I would have dared a jury to convict me.

I'm so torn. It's this or nothing. We only have one car and the CDC is literally right behind my house- even if we didn't, it's too late to enroll him elsewhere. I don't want to set him up to hate school this young. I also don't want to teach him that school is optional. After an evening of research (and sobbing to my mom, who told me to follow my instincts), I have found out that Maryland has a 4-year-old kindergarten program and after I talk to the school system tmw, if it does exist, I'm going to be pulling him out and buying a preschool homeschooling program to get him ready. Maybe the preschool here will even give some of my money back. And maybe I will be declared Minister Tutu of the Planet Zoloft. We'll see.