Seamus started preschool today. He went to preschool in Florida when he was visiting my parents, but school just started here. He chose to wear his Batman shirt that his Aunt Kitty Cat (aka: Aunt Shelia) bought him when we visited her Mobile. We cut his hair last night and he got up this morning, had some oatmeal, and we walked to school. We live a whopping 7 minutes from his preschool (4 if we cut across the field instead of taking the sidewalk). We got there this morning and he wanted me to leave. Right then. In fact, Mike and I got to stay and take, like, 2 pictures before we were unceremoniously given the "What are you still doing here?" look. When I picked him at noon, he had been fed lunch (yay!) and he was ready to go. He said he liked school, but he liked school at Gigi's house better. He asked me if he could go live at Gigi's and go to school there. LOL, no.

All ready to go!

Running on the sidewalk.

Waiting with Daddy.

Painting. Two Brushes. Twice the productivity!

And this is the poster outside of Seamus' room. It looks like someone is peeing on that poor baby. Please don't pee on the baby!

Happy Tuesday!