First of all, I have joined Facebook. I like it a lot better than MySpace, mainly because of the lack of the crappy music (what a great reason to prefer something- the lack of noise). I don't need to hear some song that totally changed your life. Please. I also don't need to know that you would like to meet Metallica or the Pope (or both!) one day because you love them/hate them/want to become physically violent with them. Anyway, Facebook 1, MySpace -5.

I'm trying to work through my last few customs. Only….5 to go and I'm all done. I probably have a 6th to do also because my luck finally ran out and I had something go AWOL in the mail. It was to a dear customer in the UK and I am very upset about it. Apparently, she went out of town and her mail carrier stuck mine and a few other packages in her recycling box- even left her a note saying that he did it. Well, the recycling came by and, as you can guess, emptied her box. She is (luckily) being a dear about it, but I feel terrible that something so costly has gone ~*poof*~. I'm going to remake them for her in October.

Here are some recent customs:

Two Pirate Maps

Two Business Card Holders (left: sacred heart, right: dasies)

Back of each business card holder

Mermaid pants (back)

Mermaid (close-up)

Mermaid pants front (starfish on leg)

Some random pics of us:

Shanna and Seamus

Seamus and Maddy sleeping (pic with flash)

Seamus and Maddy sleeping (pic without flash. Better pic, but you can't see Maddy!)

Look how big she is! Look how badly she wants to get away!

And just because I am a horrible, mean mother, here is a video trying his first (homegrown!) jalapeno. I picked it off our miniature jalapeno plant and Seamus begged and begged to eat it. I kept telling him it was hot, but he wanted it anyway. Enjoy!