It has been over a month since I updated and a LOT of changes have happened in the Trim household. Some I'm ready to talk about, some not so much.
July 15th we headed down to Florida and Alabama for Mike's 10-year high school reunion. The first night was held at Wintzell's Oyster House in downtown Mobile. First of all, who picked a seafood restaurant for a function for a large group of people?!? Seafood allergies are common (myself included) and I was stuck with nothing to eat, sitting in the corner, stirring my drink all evening. Secondly, Wintzell's was meant to hold probably 50 people or so comfortably, 75, tops. There were probably 100-150 people there, maybe more. Mike has terrible claustrophobia, so we ended up leaving early. The next day was a picnic and the the big shindig at the Explorium. Mike ended up going to the picnic that morning, but we skipped the function at the Explorium and opted for going out to eat with my Aunt and Uncle and Seamus. I forgot to take pics. Whoops.
After the reunion weekend, we headed back to Florida. We had such a nice time. Seamus went to preschool at my parent's church and Mike and I got to relax. The last few days we were there, we had a belated birthday party for Seamus at a condo on the beach. My BFF Ryan came with her 2 kids, Grace and Leo- it was so nice to be able to spend time with her- I don't get to see her very often. Mike's mom, Aunt Selia and Uncle George, Uncle Scottie and Abbe, and my parents came, too.

Grace and Leo

The Cake

Mike's mom, Seamus, and Mike (who, I must say, is looking absolutely overjoyed)

At Margaritaville

Dad and Seamus

My brother (Jay), my nephew (Martin), and my SIL (Amy)

My mom and my aunt (they're twins)

Remember this photo from this past spring? When Seamus molested the mermaid?

Unfortunately for her, we were seated by her again. Only this time, Seamus decided he was an ass man and proceeded to "spanky her butt".

Seamus and his woman…and Jay

So, I'm a proud parent of a 3-year-old mermaid molester. I hope that next time we go to Margaritavilla, he leaves the mermaid alone.
We've also gained a new family member. Meet Andy, who was formerly my parents Ragdoll Persian. He's a lovely, lazy cat.

After a couple of weeks in Florida, Mike and I headed back up to Maryland. Seamus stayed in Florida with my parents for a week and a half. The time away was lovely, but I missed him terribly. I know he enjoyed spending the time with Gigi and Poppy. He went fishing, bowling, and spent a week at the beach. He loved every second of it and didn't cry for me once. Check out his first fish:

He insisted on letting the fish go because he was small and needed to go back to his mommy because his mommy would be worried. Loves it. ❤
One of the biggest changes going on is that I've decided to close up Moose Tracks. I've felt overwhelmed for a while and being away for a while made me realize that I needed to stop. There are some things in my life that need more attention and rather than spread myself even thinner, I'd like to give something up. I still have a few projects to finish before I'm done, but I'm in the home stretch. After this, I'll be taking commissions from time to time, but not at the rate I was taking them.

To be continued….