At 06:26 Tokyo time on 05 July 2005, Seamus Odin Trim made his appearance into the world at Okinawa Naval Hospital. Happy birthday, my wee baby moose.

Our first picture

Seamus in the NICU

Seamus asleep with Mike in my hospital bed.

The memory that stands out most in my mind of the day he was born isn’t one that happened between him and I, it’s one that happened between him and Mike. Right after he was born and I was being stitched up, they had Mike remove his shirt and handed him a diaper-clad Seamus to place on his chest. They sat down in one of the chairs by the window, tiny Seamus snuggled on his bare chest, covered by a hideous hospital blanket. They both fell asleep, Seamus with his fresh pink skin, and Mike with his 5 o’clock shadow. The sun was coming up in the window behind them and bathing both of them in the orangish-pinkish sunlight. It was a perfect, gorgeous moment that I never lose. I still wish to this day that I had been able to take a picture. But, still to this day, 3 years later, if I close my eyes, that moment is what I see. My husband, holding his carbon copy in his arms, and sleeping by a window.

I can’t believe he’s three. The very idea blows my mind. Turning one didn’t bother me, turning two was a piece of cake (or maybe I was just distracted by our impending transpacific move), but three has been harder for me to swallow. I can’t believe how much has changed. Last year at this time, he had a broken arm and we were getting ready to move from Okinawa to Maryland. He was no where near potty trained, and he was into Cars. Now he has a huge vocabulary, he knows his colors, he knows how to count, he loves anything dinosaur, and he’s out of diapers completely. He can dress himself, he can help me cook. It’s just amazing to me. In just 2 years, he’ll be starting school. Proper Monday through Friday
SCHOOL. I filled out his preschool paperwork last night (which made me realize I need to get out more- I don’t know 3 people to put down as emergency contacts. Whoops.).

For his birthday, Seamus got: (top row) Mario Kart (and steering wheel) for Wii, dinosaur sheets and book (in wrapped boxes), felted stuffed sheep (by me), Learn to Dress Dino (from NiftyKidsStuff on Etsy– this thing rocks, BTW), dino playsilk from my beloved Julia*Dream, (second row) Imaginext dragon, allosaurus, t-rex, (front row) new dino-print leash and collar for Maddy by The Mod Dog on Etsy, book for Seamus, and, lastly, underwear and undershirt for sleeping in by Little Stitches by Lisa.

Seamus’ birthday outfit is by Nikki of Tadpoles n’ Butterflies. She made him 2 outfits, the dinosaur one for his birthday and a doxie one. He hasn’t worn the doxie one yet, so no pics, but hopefully soon! Since I didn’t want an elmo party hat to go with it, I used the hat as a base and made a felted design to cover it with. I sewed the design to a piece of felt and glued it onto the cardboard hat. Works great and matches perfectly.

The Aerogarden is do REALLY well. I transferred my second set of peppers outside today- 2 peter peppers, 1 mini jalapeno, 1 purple super-hot, and 1 red fire pepper. I put the peter peppers in their own pots and the others got integrated into the large pot with the peppers I planted a couple of weeks ago. Now the Aerogarden has 2 tomato plants and 1 mini jalapeno and 1 purple super-hot. The dime is in the pictures for size refrence and the bird was a gift from Joyce of Hillcountry Dollmaker. Her daughter made it, isn’t it incredible? I thought it looked perfect in my garden. ❤

We’re heading to Florida next week for Mike’s 10-year reunion and a visit. Have a lovely week!