All of Seamus’ life, people have looked at him, and then at Mike, and said, “Well, you can’t deny him, now can you? (insert chortle/guffaw/etc here)” Seamus has always looked like the by-product of my dad and Mike. the only claim I can lay to him is his eye color, and really, I can’t eve claim that- I have my dad’s eyes.  The other day, Seamus and I were outside playing and I snapped a few pics. We were outside laying in the grass and I took this one. I thought surely it would be like the others- Shanna and mini-Mike/Charles. But, no, in this one he might actually look like me. Just a little. And I might be thrilled about that. Just a little. 😉

I love this group of pics. The first one is where he found the drainage hole for the playground. Fascinating stuff, as you can see. The second picture, he found a rock in his shoe. The third pic, he wasn’t so sure about being propped up in a tree. I tried to get him to hug it, but that wasn’t happening.

So, “Baby” is Seamus’ waldorf doll from Joyce of Hillcountry Dollmaker (that is
huge- roughly the size of a newborn). He got Baby for his second
birthday and up until a couple of months ago, Baby has been well-loved.
Suddenly, a couple of months ago, Seamus wanted NOTHING to do with
Baby. When I asked him why, he said that Baby wouldn’t use the potty
and he still wore diapers (he did- Baby has his own stash). So, I got
Hilary (of A-Squared Designs– she also made the outfit he is wearing in the first set of pics) to make a pajama set for Seamus and a matching pair of unders
for Baby. I’m happy to report that the relationship is saved!

This is a business card holder for Carina of Sweet Mama Small Sugar. She asked me to base it upon this fabric. I think it turned out pretty well. I love the colors.

Seamus and I have been going to the library quite a bit lately. Our library is awesome and huge. The children’s area is probably as big as my whole house. Seamus has started asking every single day when he gets up, “Mommy, are we goin’ to da whybwawy to getta dinosaur book and DVD?” Coincidently, our library also has a great online program that you can use to reserve books and such. It also has a service sort-of like Netflix or Tivo that will recommend books and movies to you based on things you borrow regularly. My interests according to the library are: Dinosaurs, Go Diego Go, Animated Movies, and The Old West.Tthe Old West can be blamed on me, I’ve been borrowing the seasons of Dr Quinn, Medicine Woman, the rest is allllllll Seamus.

I had a video to add, but Yahoo seems to have the dumb. I’ll add it to my next post. Happy weekend!