The potted plants are doing well. After a long battle, the chive finally gave up the ghost and died, but other than that, everything else is thriving and doing well. I won’t bore you with individual pictures.

The Aerogarden was replanted a couple of weeks ago with tomatoes and peppers- two cherry peppers, one mini jalapeno, one red fire pepper, one super-hot purple pepper, and, as of yesterday, two peter peppers. What’s a peter pepper, you say? THIS is a peter pepper (you, uh, may not want to open that link at work- it may be considered veggie porn). I planted peppers to make peppersauce with (not tobasco sauce, peppersauce- basically, pickled peppers). How funny is it going to be to see a jar of those. They’ll look great alongside my cherry tomatoes. MUAHAHAHAHA.

The lot


Red Fire Pepper

Mini Jalapeno

Purple Super-Hot Pepper

New Peter Peppers

The funny thing about the red fire peppers is that they were not sprouting and were not sprouting and were not sprouting. I peeked inside and they were still in seed form. I contacted Aerogarden and they said they would send me replacements. No sooner than I received the shipping notice did they pop up and say hello. Oh well, now I’ll have some more fire peppers.

I’ve been on a creating spree lately. I set up a schedule for myself that Monday through Thursday I work on orders and Friday through Sunday I work on things for me. “Things for me” can mean that I’m creating something new that has been on my mind or something I want to make for me (or seamus or a gift) or it can mean I need a break and I do nothing. It’s working out well. I get excited about things again. I made a business card holder:

And a pirate map for Seamus:

The pirate map came to me about 11pm last night and I HAD to make it. In fact, I stayed up until 3am making it. I simply had to or I would have never slept. I’m really pleased with how it came out and the business card holder as well. I’ve decided to carry both items in my store.

I got a new knitting bag from Jordana Paige. I love the way it opens and I love the colors- they remind me of a cupcake. I love it. I can’t wait to have an excuse to carry it!

This is the view from my lap on a rainy day, in case you were wondering.

And I noramlly don’t subject people to my singing,
but after having to sing what is commonly referred to (in this house)
as “The Tawget Song” 500 times today, you can now enjoy it, too. Thank
me later.