Last night, when Mike came home from work, he brought our neighbor home with him so that they could have our old TV since they just moved in (and their stuff hasn't arrived yet) and we needed to get rid of ours. Right after they got the TV outside, I heard a loud crash. I went and looked and the shelf at the bottom of the stairs that held all of my Willow Tree figurines had fallen down. All of them, except for two- the first and last one I received, were smashed to bits. My heart is broken. I was given these throughout various stages of Seamus' life.

The evil shelf (and some hideous curtains I made to disguise the awkward and revealing window at the bottom of the stairs)

The first…

The last…

The rest…

This morning we had a visitor to our garden. A gorgeous, bright sunny orange ladybug with no spots (although, Seamus is insisting that it's not a "ladybug", but a "wadybug"). She is welcome to stay as long as she likes…and eat all the aphids her little heart desires. Click here to see the large version of the first picture- it's amazing.

The potted plants are still doing really well. I really think they're going to make it. I enjoy going to to check on them every day and it's a good lesson for Seamus. He calls my mom every day and tells her about the garden, and, today, the "owange wadybug dat fwew away". And today I remembered to take a pic of the chives. Be proud.

Meet Chive and Dill. These plants are so hard to photograph. They're just weird and not pretty.

Italian Basil

Purple Basil

Thyme and Parsely


I'm starting to enjoy Seamus turning 3. He's still having those trying little moments where I want to put him in a closet, but he loves to learn. God, he loves it. He want to know what everything is and how it works. He wants to be right there with you, helping. Mike made a batch of ice cream tonight and Seamus wanted to add sprinkles while Mike was adding Heath Bar bits. Mike told him to only add a few or it would make everything blue, but Seamus added the whole container. When it was done, he said, "It DID turn blue!". Cutie.