Humor me while I try a bit of an experiment. I have gasp/shock/faint replanted my herb garden into little pots to keep outside. I love my herb garden, but herbs aren't my thing; I want to move on to my salsa garden: tomatoes and jalapeños. So, today, I went to Home Depot, picked up 5 cute little blue and white pots, and a bag of organic potting soil. The roots were already bound within the sponges of the Aerogarden, so I had to plant the sponges along with the plants. We'll see how this goes. I expect them to probably go through shock, but hopefully they won't die.

Meet Aerogarden 1.4 (first garden, week 4)…

Chive (left) and Dill (right)


Italian Basil

Purple Basil

Thyme (left) and Parsley (right)


Out with the 'old', in with the new. I planted my salsa garden tonight. This set is a little different. It only has 3 actual plants because the plants get pretty big. So, 4 of the spots are taken up by empty plugs. I am REALLY excited to see these plants take shape. This is REALLY what I wanted the Aerogarden for. I love tomatoes and Mike jalapeños, so I'm WAY excited.

Hopefully I'll have the beginnings of sprouts tmw. I did with the herb garden, so we'll see! *fingers crossed!* I think I might stick a couple of chili pepper pods in the front. I wonder if they would have a negative effect. I'll do some research tonight and who knows, y'all might get to see chili peppers in the morning.

(Update 20 minutes later) I added the chili peppers! I did some homework and apparently, it's just fine. Apparently there is a forum out there just for people just as obsessed with their Aerogardens as I am. Meet Aerogarden Growers. And meet my updated garden:

Red Fire Pepper

Purple Super Hot Pepper

Mini Jalapeño

Red Heirloom Tomatoes

I got my new set of Knitpicks Harmony Wood Circular Knitting Needles
which I got to put into my (not new but new-to-me) Tip Divinity case!
I'm not sure how anyone with interchangable needles hasn't kidnapped
Knit Candy and enslaved her into making them one. I've only put this
thing to use for about half a day and I'm in love! PS- I desperately want one of her swifts!

See, pretty?

All lined up (I cut out the numbers from the cards to stick in the slots because I can't find them on the actual needles)

Cables inside…

Inside the accessory bag (various DPNs)…

Inside the accessory pockets (stitchmarkers were a gift from Becky)

Maddy got some new homemade doggy biscuits as a gift from a friend…she thought they were quite tasty!

And so did Seamus…

Maddy was all "what are you doing, man?"

Happy Monday!