I swear, my garden got all excited about having it's photo taken or something. The day after I made my last post, everything shot up, got fuller, and got prettier. I'm especially enamored of dill and it's lovely star-shaped blooms:


Italian Basil


A terrible photo of Parsley

Purple Basil (looooove)



Now that the plants are getting bigger ((note to self- for next bath of pics, put something to compare size in photos), Seamus is fascinated with the whole process. The seeds were neat, the sprouts were cool, but the plants are FAN-FREAKING-TASTIC. And ever since I showed him they were edible, they have been the bee's knees. I have to watch him and make sure he doesn't go in the kitchen because our Italian Basil is starting to look quite bare. He's all about going in there, picking a leaf off, and nibbling it.

Here he is trying it for the first time

Yuck, mom!

I love getting inspired to do something. Unfortunately for me, sometimes that inspiration lends to highly inappropriate things. Like an appletini on babywear! I almost named these "Amanda" (you know who you are, Mrs. O), but the honor had to go to Sex and the City, which opened this past weekend (BTW, saw the movie on Monday, expected disappointment, LOVED IT). But, because SATC is known for it's cosmos and not it's infinitely more delicious cousin, the appletini, they became named "Sex in the Big Apple" (also helps to throw off those pesky copyright lawyers). The yarn is by Western Sky Knits in "Bijou". They're listed in my Etsy store.

And finally, after all the crap that has gone down in the past couple of weeks, customers like Jessica make it all worthwhile. I love how she gives me creative freedom and enough time to not feel pressured, resulting in something I'm not thrilled with. She is absolutely, hands down, one of my favorites. She sent me these pictures the other night of her daughter in a custom I did for her and seeing Zari so happy just brought tears to my eyes. Her letters lift my spirits and truly make me feel like my work is appreciated.

Love this picture so much…