Things are still growing around here, These pictures are from the weekend, and I would put newer pictures up to prove that ALL of my plants have now sprouted, but I can't find my camera cable, so these will just have to do. The plants are getting pretty big now and have all lost their little plastic domes (which were to keep humidity in and simulate being underground and watered), if I could just keep Seamus from poking them. We've been having many talks about respecting living things, but it's not sinking in. One day it will.

We got a new car today! Our poor Altima was slowly dying on us. The air compressor went out last fall-ish, which wasn't a big deal because the weather was cooler, and then last week the "Service Engine Soon" light came on because we were flirting with 100K miles. All together, the repairs would have been about $1500. The Altima was an '01, so it didn't make much sense to pour $1500 into a 7-year old car. Yes, it was paid for, but the air compressor also start to lead to other problems. The last thing we need is a money pit on wheels. So Monday, we went and checked out Hagerstown Honda in the next county over (more reputable dealer than the one in Frederick). And today we went back and bought a Honda Accord Hybrid. It's used (a 2005), but had low miles and the last owner took very good care of it- I checked the Carfax thingy and such; I did not know Carfax even tells you about oil changes. I am pleased with our choice; this is our first big purchase together (it only took 7 years- sad, no?) I love this car. I love everything about it. It's silver with grey leather interior (yes, I know, I know, but after having leather in the Altima, I can't go back), heated seats, dual climate control, a navigation system, XM radio, etc etc etc. It's a much nicer car than we could have afforded new- we originally intended on looking at new Hybrid Civics, but I wasn't too keen on downgrading in size. All in all, it's a very nice car. Plus, it will cut down on all the expensive gas we have to buy- Mike commutes an hour each way to work.

Old Altima- it's the only photo I had of it!

Today, after getting the car, Seamus and I headed over to the local yarn store while Mike was at work. All day, Seamus had been whining about being "hawn-gryyyyy". Even though I KNEW he had eaten enough, he was famished all day. Which probably means he's going to hit a growth spurt. Ugh. I digress. Anyway, on our way there, he sat in the backseat saying over and over and over, "Mommy, I hawn-gryyyyy". I finally said, "Seamus, you are just so hungry all the time- do you have a tapeworm?" He said, "No, Mommy." and quieted down. We arrived at the yarn store and the owner (who knows us) said, "Hi Seamus, how are you!" he looked at her, gave a huge dramatic sigh, and said, "Hungry. I have a tapeworm." She looked completely flummoxed at first, but then she just about died laughing. I came home and fed the tapeworm. I'm happy to report Seamus did not shrivel up and die between the yarn store and home.

I'll leave you with some photos from a custom commissioned by one of my most beloved customers. I'm so pleased with how this fairy came out.