Is this not the face of a total scamp? This face says, "I’m going to go cause mass amounts of chaos and you’re going to love me anyway." *shakes head*

Aerowatch 2008 is still progressing nicely. No new sprouts, but the ones from yesterday have gotten quite a bit bigger! I fear my mint isn’t going to do anything: I just noticed today that everything was supposed to go in a specific spot on the grid and well, the mint and the parsley got switched. The parsley is still doing well, should sprout tmw, but the mint seems to be a loss. Oh well, 6/7 isn’t bad- a solid B average. I’m seriously impressed with my purple basil. I think it’s pretty on it’s own, never mind eating it. Speaking of which- does anyone know how to dry and store herbs?



Italian Basil

Purple Basil