I, Shanna the Blackthumb, have managed to accomplish a seemingly impossible feat. After years and years of cruelly murdering poor innocent plants and seeds, I have managed to make not one, not two, not even three, but FOUR plants sprout. We currently have purple basil, thyme, chive, and italian basil sprouting and I am SO EXCITED.


Italian Basil


Purple Basil

I  seriously CANNOT WAIT until they get bigger. Seamus is learning a lot about how plants grow, plus he gets excited with me every morning when we come downstairs and check our plant’s progress. And while, no, it’s not a "real" garden, this one won’t get eaten by the deer that wander around outside and eat my trash or destroyed by the hooligans next door who stole some of our Christmas presents, plus, it tells me when it needs water and/or nutrients…just like Seamus.

Speaking of Seamus…

Meet SUPERDINOSAURMAYMUS (Super Dinosaur Seamus). In the first pic, he’s looking tough in his dinosaur shorts that Hilary made him. As that doesn’t last terribly long, in the second picture, he’s loving on Maddy (god, she’s HUGE now). In the third picture, my TV is sending me subliminal messages to hire The Maids (I think my TV should judge when it tries to take care of a nearly-3-year-old all day long and run a business) while Seamus tortures Maddy some more. In the fourth picture, Seamus showing you the back of his Superfly Kidz cape. I love this thing. It was intended to be for Seamus’ birthday, but he found the package and well, that was that.